the nasties of sex


let me just be frank-sex is great.  i’m perfectly comfortable in saying that.  it can be exciting, romantic, even a stress reliever. as my blog progresses, i will talk more openly about sex.  given that this is quoted as “the most romantic time of the year”, i figured it would be the perfect time to give a few pointers for all of my love birds out there.  it was a toss up between tips to care for panties or sex.  looks like sex won.  i’m sure some of you are wondering what does sex have to do with beauty?  first, intimacy is beautiful.  the joining of two beings, expressing their love to one another in the most harmonious powerful way is pure wonder.  intimacy is a gift, which in turn can create little gifts, i.e., children….. however, we tend to be careless once our body temperatures have risen, genitals are at a peak and racing pulses.  here is where i would like to stick a pin in it (no pun intended).  i’m all for the kinkiness of intimacy and the excitement of spontaneity that adds the “extra” to intercourse.  but, before all of you who are planning to partake in an erotic sexual weekend, filled with a plethora  fantasies to reenact, there are a few precautionary notes to keep in mind.

couple1i’m one that’s for the all the glories that can lead to intimacy.  but, how many door knobs have you touched today alone?  light switches?  did you pump gas? shaken someone’s hand?  coughed? used an atm?  did you wash your hands after coming into contact?  what about your partner?  we use our hands as tools during our intimate moments and without even thinking if we are transferring germs to our partners.  hands should, for all intents and purposes, be considered sex toys. when not used in a hygienic matter, they cause all manner of unpleasantness to the vagina. this can include urinary tract infections, yeast infections, STDs, staph infections and so on.  the mouth is just as much of a tool as the hands are.  be mindful of what your partner just finished eating.  chances are, you would not want to wake up to an uncomfortable irritation in your vaginal area. remember to urinate before and after intercourse to help with the prevention of UTI.blog3

last thing, ladies, be safe.  protect yourselves, not only your bodies, but your hearts and minds.  intimacy isn’t just about sexual intercourse, it’s about sharing a deep connection with someone you truly have a genuine love for and for them having one with you too.  i can’t say what led me to adding this part in, but i did.  having this blog is giving me accountability.  i’m often asked for dating tips and how to own sexiness.  i’m telling you what i know, not what i think you should do.  enjoy your weekend.  remember to leave me comments and/or shoot me an email-i love reading them!



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