telling the tales of the vagina…pt.2

my last blog post of 2015!!! first, i would like to give all of my hundreds of readers a BIG cyber hug.  thank you for the love, your comments, tweets, emails, DMs, etc….. thank you.

vaginal detox pearls

imagelet’s cut right to the chase – yep, i’ve used them. was i a bit nervous about trying them out? a little. was i a skeptic? yes. the female body is so remarkablely amazing yet such a complex machine. in my opinion, the womb is probably this most powerful part of a woman’s anatomy.   unfortunately, it can hold tight to toxins, as well. due to poor diets, chemicals and stress our wombs can fill up with toxins that causes us to become imbalanced. there are some major vaginal imbalances which can include bacteria vaginosis, yeast infections, endometriosis, infertility, vaginal pain, excess bleeding, vaginal dryness, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or fibroids. how does one get rid of those symptoms holistically?

how do the pearls work? do they work?

i ordered my pearls from the organic vaginal steam company (the same company that provides at home vaginal steam baths at your home) here in atlanta.  for starters, I ordered three pearls for $12.  the herbal pearls contain potent traditional herbs that aid in the removal of toxins from the vagina. osthol – strengthens the uterus, kills parasites and relieves itching. rhizoma – helps to stop hot flashes and removes toxins. motherwort and angelica – is a known herb that regulates menstruation and removes toxins, as well. after the pearls are inserted inside the vagina, the herbs begin to break down the build up of toxins that are prohibting the vagina from operating and functioning normally.

my results: as the directions states to leave all three pearls inside of the vaginal for 3 days. after the first 24 hours i began to experience slight leakage. i knew to wear a pad – something told me too!  glad i did.  after 48 hours my leakage remained the same – not to light not too heavy.  i could tell that something was taking place inside of my womb. the suspense was killing me. i could not wait to see the results.  so day 3 arrived and passed. the next morning i removed the pearls slowly in anticipation for the worst – there was nothing. no blood clots, no yucky mucus tissue, no nothing.  i think a part of me felt disappointed, but then another part of me felt relieved. i was relieved knowing that my vagina was healthy.  overall, i do believe that the pearls did cleanse my vagina of any foreign toxins and i will be trying them again. the pearls my not be for everyone, but if interested, i do recommend that you read reviews and speak to your physician first.

why i only use organic tampons, pads and panty liners

imageever wonder where your uti’s, yeast infections, endometriosis or hormonal issues stem from? you may want to check your feminine hygiene products.  did you know that most tampons and pads are bleached with chlorine?  yep!  the toxic byproduct called dioxin, is a link to cancer and endometriosis.  have you ever noticed the label that reads “elemental chlorine-free bleaching”?  well, this bleaching process is not free of chlorine, but it means that it is not a chlorine gas bleaching process.
about 25% of the world’s pesticide is sprayed on cotton. pesticides have been linked to affect the health of humans in a major way from infertility, hormonal imbalance, even cancer.  feminine care product manufactures are involved in spraying these pesticide chemicals onto the cotton that tampons are made from.

imagesince 2006, i’ve been using natracare organic products.  natracare products are made from certified organic and natural, plant-derived materials that are chemical and additive free, and biodegradable, containing only organic and natural ingredients sourced from sound ecologically managed producers and certified free from animal testing.  another reason why i prefer using this line is because it doesn’t contain any synthetic materials or chemicals. because i have to use feminine products each month, i prefer to use one that is heathier for my body.

mess-free period sex, really?

now that i have your attention, let me explain. a year ago, while at dinner with my dear friend, ms. president (not really her name), introduced me to the softcup.

me: what’s that?

her: only the greatest creation for women! she had my attention.

i had never heard of such a product, but after she schooled me on the benefits of using one, i was all game. i’ve been a long time tampon user and whenever the talks of menstrual cups came up it wasn’t really something that i jumped up at.  but the softcup grabbed after my curiosity – and i’m so thankful that it did!

my hope is that all women will use safe products and to know their options. with that being said, the softcup is a safe alternative to tampons and/or pads.  health wise, they do not contain the toxins that the other disposable products do.  also, there are no known direct links to toxic shock syndrome, which can be deadly and difficult to recognize.

so, after dinner, i followed my girlfriend home to get a softcup from her.  although i was nervous to use it, i rarely turn down a challenge.  sidebar:: i did make a declaration to her that i would be face timing her if i came across difficulty with the inserting of the cup! of course she laughed – i was dead ass serious. the first thing i noticed was that the softcup was to be inserted differently than a tampon. to insert the softcup you have to squeeze the sides of the band to flatten the ‘O’ and then insert being sure to get the cup just behind the cervix and then tilting the front of the band up slightly to get a secure fit. to remove you’ll just slip your finger under the rim of the cup and pull it out level. once removed you can simply empty the cup.  

image     image

check out the video demonstration below:

i honestly love using the softcup. this perfect creation is great for those who have started their periods on the day of their wedding, honeymoon, special occasions or vacations.  it is true, you can have mess-free period sex with the softcup – if inserted correctly.  my first time use of it wasn’t so bad.  i mean, i was paranoid because i wasn’t sure how it would hold up.  it has taken me a couple of times to perfect the positioning and inserting of it correctly.  the first time i used it, i cleaned “down there” really well.  maybe that played a part in its being far cleaner and neater than i expected. i left it in throughout the night and went for another round, just to see if it would hold up. i eventually got out of my head and forgot it was in there, which made the entire situation far more pleasurable.  in the morning, i removed it while in the shower – my preferred method.  okay ladies, let me answer you most pressing question –  no your partner does not feel it.  but, if you’re not being discreet about it, then he may focus on trying to search for it.  as for me, a lady never tells!  the softcup can be purchased online or at walgreens.

thank you again for the support.  i will have a new 2016 post up and ready in january!  happy new year to you all!




2 thoughts on “telling the tales of the vagina…pt.2

  1. I started using Natracare products a few months ago and I have noticed such a difference ! I can’t believe it took me so long.

    I have try the Softcup next and those detox pearls. Thanks for the review!

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