relax. relate. release…valentine’s edition

i’m jumping straight in.  yes, it’s valentine’s day and of course you need to be sexy.  jaw dropping gorgeous – of course you’re beautiful already, but spruce it up a bit!  i can be a little over the top when it comes to embodying my sexy and i can be a little extra for him *wink wink*. however, with all the daily duties that one has to take on – as a woman, who really has the time to plan a romantic evening? we all know that gifts, dinner, attire, hotels and whatever other expenses comes along with this day of love can become a bit stressful – and that’s not sexy!

here are a few tips and ideas to help you in your planning that is budget friendly and romantic!

ready. set. valentine…

get creative with a floral arrangement! set the mood by having roses (I prefer red) arranged visibly throughout areas of your home, such as your living by the fireplace or on the center ottoman table. you can place the floral arrangements on your kitchen island/breakfast bar, the dinner table, the bedroom and bathroom! this can create a seductive ambiance all in the privacy of your own home.

hire a babysitter – if possible. do not let another romantic evening be interrupted between you and your partner because of your children. romance and date nights are essential to your relationship. hire someone you trust or ask the grandparents for some assistance with the children. if neither one of those options are available, here’s my advice. start your day 15 minutes earlier. by doing this, you’re a head of your regular routine. this means that you must wake the children up earlier too. trust me, this is a good thing! by the end of the day, the children will be a little extra tired and will want to get to bed sooner than later. Fifteen minutes will go a long way, especially if you plan to have an amazing evening with your partner.

decorate your bedroom with wall LED hanging lights or light scented candles. my candle recommendations are anything with rose (traditionally used as an aphrodisiac), clary sage, ylang yang or neroli – all sure to set the stage for a satisfying evening!

what to wear? since men are visual creatures by nature, give him something to visualize and also to use his imagination! lace is super sexy and can be somewhat empowering. my added suggestion is to find your size, spray on your favorite fragrance, and a little touch of makeup. listen, your body is beautiful, be confident and flaunt it! be sure to greet him with it on!

what’s for dinner? okay, either you can order in, by having the food delivered or picking it up on your way home or you can prepare a quick 20 minute delish Spaghetti Carbonara (my recipe for spaghetti carbonara). remember, the heavier the meal, the more likely sleepiness will occur. *here’s a little side tip – serve him dinner with your lingerie on. or take it a little further by straddling him and feeding dinner to him*.

if you’re not into baking, just grab your favorite dessert to save for later. try to stay away from the heavier pastries. go for more of the creamy custard desserts that are not messy or sticky.

don’t forget to have your favorite bottle of wine. we enjoy the South African wine – jam jar!

bath time is a must. so grab a few of these items and go for it. rose petals, bubble bath, candles, a loofah, champagne, and music!

lastly, the night is yours. let your imagination run free and enjoy each other. then afterwards enjoy that dessert you left in the kitchen!

.….but for those of you who would like to have a night out join Debonair DJ PNUT and Celebrity Chef DAS of the Food Network as they prepare for another one of their LACE (Lifestyle Art Culture Entertainment) upscale dining experiences catering towards atlanta’s tastemakers and influencers. with their custom invitations, great music, an ambiance paired with handcrafted cocktails, along with a mouth watering four-course culinary presentation – making LACE Atlanta’s number one exclusive dinner party for professionals and socialites. the next LACE event is scheduled for february 14th 2019, at a secret location – you do not want to miss it!

as always, thanks for reading. remember to leave me a comment, or send me an email at I’m on instagram @chefqtrob



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