the beauty of things

beauty is everywhere, just look around and you will run smack dab into it.  the substance of beauty can fill your world full of bliss.  as much as one may try to explain its essence, we still cannot comprehend its fullness.   i’ve always been drawn towards the esthetics of beauty and its detailing which in turn has fueled my drive and passion for it.   my hope for my blog is that it may help heighten your beauty senses may it be through appearance, cosmetics, foods, love, family or health.  enjoy!



4 thoughts on “the beauty of things

  1. Robin
    Congratulations on your new endeavor. As you are aware, I have been using your grooming tips and advice for over a year. From the coconut oil on my hair and face (especially after shaving), the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (after working out), the regular facials and nail care advice (No Hom%$), the recipes, and all things associated with the Champagne Lifestyle. I’m excited that you have created a forum to assists others in maximizing and highlighting the beauty that lies within us all. As in your other projects, I’m certain success will follow. I’m proud of you, and I fully expect you to handle your business-with your beautiful, smart, courageous, sexy, SUPER BADD ASS!!!
    Reggie Lewis

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