the R district

Headshot one

do you know how sometimes things seem to fall in place at the most perfect time?  its as if it were calculated to the tee.  I often escape to the same mind that traps me.  I give my thoughts the freedom to access places where fear lies then attack.  fear cannot ever get comfortable, you know?  granting fear to sit and settle down in the couches of the mind will only have you being it’s housekeeper.

headshot 2

therdistrict was birthed last week after much positive feedback from my random beauty rant tips on facebook with my customized hashtags #theqtips or #beautytipsThursdays.  I became overwhelmed with the comments and support, I had no other choice but to step out on faith and go for it.  with this blog you will journey with me via my thought process, travel escapades, my three amazingly wonderful children, love & dating, my budding culinary addiction and most importantly, my deep love and passion for the beauty world.

i encourage you to be patient with me as for blogging is new; i’m more of a private writer.  thank you for reading.



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