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EdwardsRa-8doing brows is what i do!  not to sound cocky, because i’m so far removed from that type personality, but i can proudly say i’m great in that area.  i’ve trained in nail & skin care and i love those too.  however, when it comes to the eyebrow, it’s to a whole another level of joy for me.  i do not come with a lot of flashy training experience from anastasia soare or damone roberts.  in fact, i have no formal training to give credit to.  what i possess is a pure God-giving talent of having an eye for the eyebrow.  when i went to esthetics school, my instructor had me to teach the class on arching the perfect brow because she said “you seem to know more than most”. anastasia has built an empire off of eyebrow arching- pure genius!  i can recall the moment i saw anastasia on oprah years ago and i thought to myself “i’ll be better than her.” the thing you will learn from me is that i do not need a cheerleading squad to push me.  if i have the will to do, i will do it, or at least try my hardest to.

i used to feel that i was missing out on having a “training” of some sort because of the fear people wouldn’t take me serious.  that feeling never lasted long!  last summer i took the eyebrow mba course as a  “just because” and i’m still questioning why did i even waste my money.   i’ve arched over 2,000 eyebrow- i’m certain that i’ve shorten myself with that number.  i’ve been arching eyebrows of celebrities, teenagers, men and women since 1998.blog5


i’ve had a full brow clientele, before the recent brow craze.  people that were tired of having their brows abused and erased off of their faces, due to the negligence of some inexperience individual, entrusted their most pronounced facial feature with me.

thick and bushy eyebrows are pretty much genetic in my family.  i often refer to my brows as “bert & ernie” brows.  i naturally have the fullest, longest, widest brows ever!  i used to be so embrassed of them that i found it hard looking others in the face and/or hiding them under my bangs.  all of that soon changed in the 8th grade.  i was having my hair done and i asked my stylist if she could arch my brows.  i didn’t have my mom’s permission at all, i just went for it.  it was like a whole new world for me.  later my mom noticed something different, but could not put her figure on it until i told her. by me having really good hand-eye coordination, it allowed me to follow the arch (i missed up several thousand times) until i got good.  after i went off to college, tennessee state university,  the entrepreneur in me posted signs in the dorm elevators and announcement boards “$2 eyebrow arching. ‘beauty that surrounds the eye.'” it read.  in no time, i was in business for the first time and making money.

i have recently launched an ad that i’m in search for 5 beauty professionals and/or students who would like to train and work with me.  training is free…yay!  individuals must be passionate and have a desire to learn.  now, let me be honest, i have a crazy-sick work ethic, a no-holds-bars kinda attitude.  you must be ready to be great.  for consideration, submit your resumes to

i would like to encourage you to keep your dreams and goals a priority.  do not short change yourself.  your gifts and talents are needed, you just have to allow time to perfect them.  stay focused!  don’t forget to head over to “the r beauty block” for today’s #beautytipThursdays on grooming tips for your eyebrows!

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