so i decided to go in for a facial treatment the other day and the esthetician used multiple products — exfoliants, cleansers and masks — with all the regular tools such as, tweezers, steam machine, cotton pads and the esthetic magnifying lamp. however, there was just one thing that was a little different. i wasn’t there for my face, it was my vagina, well my vulva if we are being technical!


my dear reader, by now you have come to learn a couple of things about me like, i love beauty products, i love giving women solid beauty tips and that i take care of my vagina!  i have my monthly v-steam (i’ll be blogging about that really soon) my routine kegel exercises and then you have my infamous honey cleansing ritual – i take really good care of “her”.  but, for me, that wasn’t good enough…after all it’s swim suit season!  for many years i’ve had series of bikini and brazilian waxes and thought nothing of it.  with all the array of aesthetic activity “down there” from waxing, sugaring, shaving and let’s not forget the “recreational activities”……sexual intercourse, child birthing, etc— we should reward ourselves with the facial for the almighty vagina.

the jjacial, (known as the vagacial) at what has become one of my favorite beauty studios, sweet peach, is a procedure that isimage about the same as a facial is for your face just only on your vagina.  i was curious so i booked an appointment, considering the fact that I was just sugared 8 days ago (they recommend getting the vagacial at least 2 weeks after a waxing session), this would be ideal.  i usually go to the virginia-highlands location, but the buckhead location is the only one that performs all of the esthetic services beyond sugaring.

all weekend I was so excited about this service.  I think it was the excitement of the unknown.  i mean,  having my vagina maintain its youthfulness is somewhat empowering!  i’m the type of woman that gets enthralled reading over a spa’s menu of services.   the vagacial procedure takes place on only the outside of the body, not the inside of the vagina.  jenny, my estheticiangreeted me in the front lobby, where i had been reading the latest issue of simply buckhead magazine. like my regular facials, my service took place in a lightly dimmed treatment room with mediation music softly playing. she explained how my vagacial would go then asked me to remove my clothing from the bottom down and lie on the treatment bed after she left the room.  so i did and prepared myself for what was to come next.
“do you normally exfoliate in this area?” she asked as she began to apply a calming cleanser to the upper region of my vagina (vulva).  after cleansing, jenny applied sweet peach’s signature organic peach scrub, then cleansed again.  she looked for any acne and ingrown hairs. after the cleansing and exfoliating, jenny began using the microdermabrasion machine  (yes, on my vagina!).  as she gently glided the machine’s wand across my skin’s surface, she explained how this would help make the ingrown hairs easier to tweeze and it would help give this area a more even tone.  with a standard microdermabrasion facial, the treatment helps with discoloration and hyper- pigmentation. now,  we’d arrived to the part of the vagacial where ingrown hairs were to be addressed.  lucky for me, i did not have many!  i also believe because she used the microdermabrasion machine tweezing was a breeze! a hydrating mask was applied next.  once the mask was removed, she applied a serum that helps to prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps.  after the vagacial, i could feel and see a difference.  very impressed.image

another part that makes the vagacial attractive is that it is one of those services that can be perceived as a luxury beauty treatment but is a service most of us can afford. at sweet peach the jjacial is $50, while a serious facial for your face can start anywhere between $80-$100.

i know some of you are sitting there thinking “how necessary is a facial treatment for your vagina?” well, considering that i am a regular waxer,  it is very necessary to prevent ingrown hairs, potential for acne of any sort and not to mention keeping my vagina as youthful and esthetically pleasing  as possible!  jenny was great – she made me feel comfortable and she was very knowledgable.   i enjoyed my jjacial and will continue to incorporate this treatment each month as a part of my beauty regimen.  i do suggest that you try this treatment, especially if your lady part needs a little extra tlc!

thanks for reading!  you can find me on instagram @qtrob or email me remember to leave your comments…..i love reading them!



6 thoughts on “va…va…va…

  1. You are FABULOUS!!!
    I swear I could hear your voice and see your facial expressions while reading it! I think I’m going to try it! 🙈
    So glad you’re my (Beauty) Boo!!! 💋

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  2. Interesting so I’ve done the sugaring bikini twice and felt like I’m getting more blackheads and wondering if the product isn’t for me so was considering going back to my spa and person. I actually went for my second round a few days after you so maybe I will book a vagicial.

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