the most beautifullest thing in this world

my sweet princess,

you know i love writing you love letters.  so i thought since i have a blog it would be a cool idea to publish a love letter to my favorite girl in the whole wide world.  so here it goes….

i had a panic attack this morning.  good thing you weren’t around or you would have thought I’ve finally lost my mind!  while it was happening i had no clue about what was going on, but then it hit me – you’re turning 11 on sunday.  where did the time go?  weren’t you just going to pre-k?  or learning how to read?  now you’re 5 years away from learning how to drive and 6 years away from graduating high school!  you’re growing up and each year that passes by you continue to blossom even more beautifully.

what i would like for you to know is how proud i am of you and how blessed i am to be called your mother.  for 11 years we have watched each other grow up.  you may not think that you had anything to do with me maturing, but you’re the reason for it.  for me, there wasn’t any other options.  i understood quickly the serious responsibility that God gave to me once I birthed you.  the type of woman who I am today is all because i have you watching me.  do you know what’s so cool about our relationship?  that we are comfortable with each other. i love how we can lay in bed to watch a movie or when you try to teach me a new dance routine that you made up.  you’ve always had your own style (like the picture above LOL) and i love that too!   you’re outrageously beautiful on the outside, but you’re ten times as beautiful on the inside. and has anyone ever told you that you’re the best big sister ever? the way you lead and love your two little brothers makes my heart sing. also, the grace that you display, especially over the last four years, is amazing. for a child to witness their parents going through a divorce is tough. for you to have maintained the principal’s list and to stay a star pupil speaks volumes about who God has created you to be. it isn’t easy being the oldest child, but you handle that role very well.

this is a big year for you.  not only are you turning another year older, but you’re going to a new middle school where you will not know anyone!  as you may know, mommy is going crazy and this morning was proof!  you should have seen me.  i was a wreck!  the “middle school” thing freaks me out.  every year gets a little harder for me as you get older.  some say it is because you’re my only girl or my firstborn.  but, maybe it’s because you’re such a sweet and pleasant little girl and i ‘m afraid of you losing that.  i know i’ll be fine and i know you will be fine.  this is just another area where you’re having me to grow up!

taylor, you are a princess and raising you has been a complete joy. once you entered into the world, you instantly made my life better.  you have made me better.  as i write this letter to you, i’m searching for the right words to express how much i love you.  there are none. and just like your birthstone the ruby, you’re a rare jewel with a one-of-a-kind spirit.  continue to keep your head up and your crown on.  have a happy 11th birthday, princess.  i love you forever.


when i see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change. girl, you’re amazing just the way you are.”





4 thoughts on “the most beautifullest thing in this world

  1. I posted this in Tprissy World already byt…both this post and your little girl are absolutely beautiful. Words of affirmation is my primary love language. There’s so much negativity that little girls hear (and eventually come to believe) about themselves as they grow up. I really love seeing parents combat that by acknowledging and affirming the good in them. It’s going to make such a difference in her life!


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