soar, princess, soar

imagebecause of you, my heart has been able to make room for love beyond my imagination.  who knew i could love so much and so endlessly until i birthed you.  becoming your mother has pretty much been my ultimate blessing – i’m still in awe in how God selected me to be your mother. even though you posses some of my traits, your individuality deserves to be recognized.  at the age of 12, you’ve posses such strength and poise that i had to learn and master over the years.  i’ve observed your gentle approach to how you care for your brothers, the way you enjoy your quiet time, you don’t need a crowd to follow or that you seek approval from others, how you have managed to adapt to a new school and make new friends effortlessly – its like you have become one of my life’s teachers.  image

taylor, the relationship that we have is my most prized possession and its one that is the closest to my heart.  whenever i’ve decided to make any critical life changes, i’ve always considered you first.  as you see, a mother/daughter relationship is delicate and should be handled as such.  the older that you get the closer we grow.  i always enjoy our “girl talks”, our shopping trips and special little laughs that we have.  although you are your own person, i am your first glimpse as to how a woman should conduct herself, manage her home, children and relationships – my role in your life is a staple for your future.  i must always make sure that i play my role correctly.  your presence is one of my driving forces to be a better person, successful and a positive role model.  princess, God has given you all the tools that you will ever need in order to reach your goals in life.  for 12 years i’ve had a front row seat at watching your personality blossom, your mind expand with knowledge and your fearless approach to life.  how cool is that?  daughter,  i just simply adore you.  i pray that this year you will be catapulted into mind blowing experiences that will excite you about your future and will enhance your growth and intellect.  may you have the best year yet and that its full of surprises that will keep a smile on your face.  i love you.

one last thing, for your birthday last year you requested to go to six flags as your gift.  this year you’ll be getting in formation….you’re going to see your favorite singer….. BEYONCE live in concert!!! Surprise 🙂

happy birthday to my gem, princess taylor image

“wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to her.” proverbs 8:11

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