now that that’s out of the way

img_7792“last year’s word belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice.” C.S. Lewis

to my faithful friends, family, and supporters welcome to a new year. it’s been exactly 7 months since my last post and since then it seems that the earth has completely shifted. athough i’m usually i’m openly opinionated and very vocal about my views and how i feel, for some reason in 2017 it’s taken me nearly 3 months to find my voice for this new year.

in sharing with my inner circle, its clear that i’m not alone in my silence. what can i say-trump-speechless, future healthcare options for my family speechless, a silly social media beef and misunderstandings-speechless, confusing weather patterns-speechless, hell, even the falcons-speechless.  and after the 8 years of “short hair don’t care” i’m even growing my hair back out-speechless!

during this time of silence I realized that my writings have always been the safe place and home for my voice. as i enter into year two of the r district blog, i’m looking to bring to my reading audience new and fresh commentary on life, self-love, food, health, relationships, beauty, raising children, entrepreneurship, travel, and enjoying life.

writer’s block is real, just like the growing pains that my 5 year-old son is experiencing in his knees and lower leg region – but that’s another story.  last month i packed up a lot of my clothing and donated them to goodwill.  i threw out everything that i hadn’t used within a year and items that i had now deemed useless.  my apartment had started to make me feel closed in and my personal space was invaded with things that had no meaningful representation other than cramping my living quarters.  i couldn’t think straight, my space just didn’t have the same open and inviting atmosphere as it had when i first moved in.  i needed to make room.  i needed clarity.

img_7295there were some major changes that needed to take place in my life and i needed mental space with fewer distractions (says a mother of 3 active children).  two years ago i moved my family into a cute apartment home in downtown atlanta to downsized from decent sized home in lithonia to start fresh.  becoming a minimalist made way for less distractions and a sound mind.  but all of a sudden my space was invaded by the remnants of birthday gifts, christmas presents, miscellaneous papers, and what have you.  so i spent all of january, as i like to call it, re’ing…, re-thinking and retreating.  as far back as i can remember i had been going full speed with no real down time.  i’m a napper and i wasn’t getting my naps in.  if you are remotely close to me, then you’d know how important it is for me to take a nap.  once i got rid of all the unwanted things i started to notice how light my spirit was and how much more clearer my thoughts became.  i had already closed my business at the end of december and was not to able to fully commit and direct my attention on culinary school and my blog.

like most working moms, i struggle with balance.  out of all the things that i have mastered balance isn’t one of them.  so in order for my world to function smoothly and without me going crazy, i have mastered the art of elimination.  weighing out my options have been very beneficial to my quality of life, hence throwing out all of my shit to the goodwill’s around metro atlanta.  i just simply remove what i can’t tolerate or what can potentially be problematic.  i simply can’t deal with fluff or extra baggage because i have so many hats to wear and several people depending on me to be in place.  and, i’m just not perfect and i need my space.

img_7493so, with the said, i’m back!  my apologies for such a long hiatus i truly had writer’s block.  i have a bunch of topics to highlight with you all. journaling is the best backup to having this blog – its kinda like my little cheat sheet, plus it helps me to remember the things that i will be addressing with you all.  may i suggest that if you’re wanting a stress reliever you should try journaling.  other than my prayer life, my journal has been a great therapy outlet for me.  i will be adding fun little recipes to try, i’ll still be sharing beauty secrets and diy’s on here, as well.  and of course, relationship topics are a must.  and as always, feel free to send me emails at  i love connecting with my readers.




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