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for the past three weeks i’ve been contemplating on which topic of interest to discuss with you.  because there are so many “good” topics for me to talk about, it makes my job exciting, yet a little difficult.  any who, in preparation for the summer with everyone having their skin and body in tip-top condition, i opted for exfoliation!  for starters,  let it be known that i frequent the japanese wellness spa, je-ju,  at least once a month, here in the metro atlanta area.  their body scrub is a-maz-ing!  my skin has never felt so alive and refined.  having my entire body scrubbed has made my pores smaller, skin brighter and my blemishes are slowly fading.  did you know….. our skin is not only the largest organ of the body, but also one of the most delicate?  the daily and seasonal abuse you’re exposed to (diet, perfumes, skincare products, harsh conditions, artificial light, pollution….) which can all be detrimental if you don’t care for your skin carefully and regularly.  exfoliation is an important part of your daily hygiene regimen.  probably a hand few of people realize that the top layer of your skin is entirely made up of dead skin cells. exfoliating removes dead surface skin cells which helps reveal the more healthy and younger looking skin that’s beneath.

body-scrub-238x300dead cells are all over our bodies and they’ve been dead for at least a month. our bodie will naturally shed millions of dead skin cells a day allowing new ones to travel to the surface as the old flake off, but the process is slow (as we age it gets even slower) and the “buildup” we add from the dead skin cells remaining on the surface creates a substance called keratin, which is the body’s natural process of protection.  without regular exfoliation, the body can and will accumulate an abundance of dead surface skin cells which create clogged pores, discoloration and aging; not to mention the most common complaint is dull and lifeless looking skin.

there are several benefits of regular exfoliation that will have your skin more vibrant looking afterwards.  as a woman, we have hundreds, even thousands of skincare products that promises us all kinds of results, but without exfoliating regularly, you’re basically applying these products to dead skin adding to the buildup of keratin. my recommendation is to exfoliate regularly and witness your skincare products penetrating your skin to give you the results you are looking for.  i’m a sucker for a really good facial, and having a strong home facial regimen is a must.  if your foundation makes your skin look rough, dry or patch-y looking, you’re in need of some form of facial exfoliation.   exfoliation removes the dry dead skin cells that enhancing imperfections, which can cause your make-up to look cakey.  when your skin is properly exfoliated you will not need as much make-up or heavy foundations to create the illusion of smooth skin


anti-aging…exfoliation accelerates the process, evens out your skin tone and makes your skin look healthier and younger. smoother skin….our skin is made up of many small layers of cells, but only the deepest level, called the dermis, contains living cells which are smooth and radiant. these cells give us our youthful appearance, so by exfoliating the dead, dry skin cells, you’re better able to reveal that healthy glow.  improves acne and clogged pores…..caused by misuse of products that trap excess oil and keratin in the skin. exfoliating is necessary to remove the dead surface cells and release excess oils and keratin.

here are some areas that you should start exfoliating regularly to reduce the darkness that dead cells cause: knees, elbows, back of the neck, back, vaginal area (to reduce ingrown hairs), the entire buttocks area and underarms.

regular exfoliation with a body scrub and a loofah can be good for your skin. A loofah is the dried fibrous inside of a vegetable, widely used as a sponge.  exfoliation with the loofah should be done gently by massaging your body with a clean loofah to help exfoliate the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

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