just call me sugar

i’ve been a fan of waxing since – forever! ever since the day that i enrolled in school for esthetics, i threw away my razors and never looked back.  as much as i’ve been waxed or have waxed someone else, there were only two types that i’ve every considered using; soft or hard wax.  that all has changed.  yesterday i experienced a whole new world of waxing called sugaring.  sugaring isn’t a new thing, it’s been around for some time.  i read up on how to perform this service on clients, but i’ve never crossed the threshold.

because i like to experiment with different beauty products and body treatments, I figured why not conquer sugaring? after talking it over with one of my girlfriends, she referred me to angela at sweet peach wax and sugaring studio, in the virginia highlands district in atlanta.  i’ve driven pass this studio plenty of times and never gave it any thought because i was satisfied with regular ole wax.  how narrow minded of me!  so i finally went yesterday and loved it!

for starters, sweet peach is situated in the heart of the highlands making it a great location (from a business stand point).  time i walked in i was warmly greeted with smiles from the two receptionists.  after filling out my confidential consent form, angela made her way to the front to greet me.  the room was neat, cozy and exceptionally clean; much different from the other atlanta waxing competitor.  also, there on the wall was a flat screen t.v. playing sex and the city episodes – my favorite! angela’s knowledge and friendliness made me all the more comfortable and relaxed.

outside from angela being great at what she does, the process of sugaring was fast and easy and there is no messy residue to clean up. i received the best brazilian wax ever, that was pretty much painless.  also, that was the first time i’ve left a waxing appointment with not lady parts not feeling beat up! within 20 minutes she was done and i was ready to go! oh, did I mention that she also waxed my legs during that time?  super quick!  after my service she gave me a warm towel (peach scented, of course) a sample sugar scrub and a frequent sugaring card.

so here’s the deal with sugaring from my point of view!

sugar vs wax is there a difference?
yes there is actually…

there is a difference between body wax products and from sugaring products. sugaring requires an entirely different mind-set and approach from waxing legs and bodies. For example…

waxing products adhere to the skin….ouch!

this would be one of the major differences between sugaring and waxing the vaginal area and other more sensitive areas. wax products are made of resins which adhere to skin cells on legs and bodies.  sugaring products never adhere to live skin cells. therefore, when it is removed, it only gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving behind glowing skin.

because sugaring paste is all natural and water soluble, it can be easily rinsed away if it is accidentally flicked on a clothes or residue is left on skin.

when waxing, you remove the hair against the natural direction of growth. with the sugaring method, you only remove the hair in the natural direction of the hair growth. also, through the sugaring application technique, the sugar paste seeps into the hair follicle. this will help lubricate the hair root allowing the root to remove completely without breaking and with less pain.

this  will make a world of difference in a client’s comfort level. this is especially important for clients who have suffered in the past with waxing in sensitive areas.

the healthy difference is with the sugaring paste it is all natural. the only ingredients are sugar, water and lemon. most products used for waxing legs and full bodies are made from resins and are not nearly as bio-degratable. they also create more waste being applied with wood sticks and pellon strips.

waxing the legs or any area requires hot wax, if done improperly, risks burning sensitive skin.  with sugaring, it is done at body temperature. there is no need for heat! sugaring treatment adheres to the hair, not the skin, and lubricates the root for easier removal from the follicle. so combined with the hair removal in the natural direction of growth, sugaring means a much less damaging experience for you.

what sugaring will and will not do…

sugaring will help:

• eliminate ingrown hairs

• prevent new ingrown hairs

• extract all hair colors and textures

• successfully treat all skin types and colors

• improve the skin tone and texture

sugaring will not:

• burn the skin

• damage the dermal cells

• “pit” the delicate facial skin cells

• scar the follicle mouth or surrounding area

• promote cross contamination

i recommend you try sugaring at least once.  you can sugar your underarms, bikini, lip, anyplace on your body.  i’m sure all the ladies there are great, but i’ll be sticking with angela…. no pun intended! visit http://www.sweetpeachwax.com to book your sugaring appointment!

because the staff and owner of sweet peach are so awesome, the owner raquel souza, is giving a free sugaring to one of my beautiful followers!  so be on the look out for your name to be drawn.  all you have to do is go to my instagram page and tag yourself below my most recent post!

thanks for reading and be sure to leave your comments and/or email me msrobin28@gmail.com

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tomorrow June 2, don’t forget to vote for evidence nail & beauty boutique for the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards!  we’re in the top 10! let’s bring the award home, atlanta! www.neighborhoodawards.com



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