bitter and sweet

my husband cheated.  got the side chick pregnant. denied the affair.  i kicked him out of our home.  he kept the baby a secret for a year.  i started over with myself and children. there, i said it.  beyonce’s new album “lemonade” could not have come at a better time.  i’ve been contemplating writing a post on the topic of my divorce, the journey of forgiveness, and my eventual deliverance. then i’m hit with news of a may wedding featuring my ex-husband and………. guess who?

fyi: de-liv-er-ance

  1. the act of delivering or the condition being delivered.
  2. rescue from bondage or danger.
  3. a publicly expressed opinion or judgement, such as the verdict of a jury.
  4. rescue from moral corruption or evil; salvation.

at times i have difficulty articulating exactly how i’m feeling. trying to translate my thoughts, which are complex beyond comprehension, has been a challenge.  but this album happened. watching her visual album set the tone, but listening to the words gave life to the way i wanted to share certain nuggets of my story.

like so many women, i was handed the lemon, infidelity.  like so many women, i can pin point the exact moment when my womanly instincts alerted me that a storm was coming. however, without hard core evidence i’m not one to nag and pester a man, life moved on. despite the clouds hovering over our marriage, we decided to try for a third baby to bring completion with our family.  during this time, the affair was fresh in the beginning stages – he was inexperienced.  somewhere between the 9th and 11th week of my pregnancy i miscarried.

it was a loss and a pain that was unimaginable. we decided try again for a third baby – pregnancy was a success, but my marriage was deteriorating.  maybe my hormones heighten my senses because i was able to see that the atmosphere in my home had shifted, the storm turned into a tsunami and i was no longer comfortable or covered.  to make a long story short, i asked, he lied, i asked again, he admitted, we separated then the divorce process started.

i can remember the bitter and tart taste of revenge.  i was furious, embarrassed, alone, betrayed, neglected and rejected. i wanted revenge – bad.  if i had never experienced hate towards someone, i did then.  its amazing how i was able to get free from those chains because i was locked in to returning the gift of pain.  speaking of pain, i was drowning in it.  the more i cried the more i felt the hate.  just the thought of being hurt was hurtful.  here i am, lying on the floor with his unlocked cell phone in my hands as he’s asleep in our bed, i’m reading sexually explicit texts between him and his pregnant side chick.  ironically, i’m being labeled the crazy one for snapping and cussing him out. i’m being told to calm down.  i was trapped somewhere between the lies and tears.  i had just been shitted on in the worst way.  his team of co-conspirators stood silent in my presence, while behind my back they celebrated his new promising future.  they were given strict instructions to keep secret of his new life and new job – thinking it may make his child support increase.  i was over being the butt of the secret and wanted out.

first, no one gets married to get a divorce.  high school loves, ten years of marriage and 3 children later i’m faced with a wife’s worst thought – a failed dream. thats when my process began.  the story goes on and there are many parts that led me to my healing and i’m so grateful for that process.  at this stage of my life, i’m proud of myself for being honest, for each tear that rolled down my face and made a home inside of my pillow.  its because of that very process that i’m happy for my cheating ex-husband – the person that promised to honor me til death did us part.  certain men need to be married – my ex husband happens to be one of them.  in no way is this a bad thing because technically we all need someone.  for a lot of men, adding a wife to their team brings stability and order into their lives and lets face it, i have three children with this man – outside of me, he needs assistance in raising them.

i’m sure the burning question for most is “how did i become ok with the other woman?”  let me be clear, she and i are not friends.  we do not hang out, we do not socialize or enjoy deep conversations.  i’m good with them because i became great within myself.  because of that I can be in the same room with her and not think twice about choking her or ramming her head through a window.  i’ve not only moved on, but i grew up.  in no way did their deceitfulness ruin me or make me think less of myself.  although it took time for me to rebuild again, i did not take on the role of placing all of his burdens on me.  before starting my business, before the man of my dreams entered, before my transition to living downtown i had to go through the process of trust.  trusting in my faith like never before was a task like no other.  i could not believe that God let that shit happen.  the ‘why’s’, ‘how’s’ and the ‘when’s’ were constant opening questions in my prayers.  i kept a tight circle of my closest friends around me to vent to and to cry on their shoulders.  everything was a process and i respected that. my vulnerability became my strength.

so here i am a week away from sharing the same last name with the other woman who also now shares a part of my family.  she’s about to make the same vows to the exact same man saying the exact same words “let no man tear apart what God has brought together”.  see what i just did?

i love my children so much that i chose to not make a mockery out of myself because children are visual.  if all they’ve ever seen from their mom was yelling, screaming, cussing, crying – and acting a fool – that would do some type of damage to their childhood.  i can’t teach and train my children to be respectful and forgiveness if i remained in bondage.  my life’s disaster turned into the perfect parenting training for raising my children.  i became so obsessed with becoming successful, achieving my dreams and living the life that i know God wants me to have that i became less focused on my ex husband and his fucked-upness.  my life was turning around for the better.  i had taken all of those lemons that had been thrown at me and began using them to garnish my life like a fine expensive french cuisine from marcel’s.  i did more than just make lemonade out of those lemons.

i had made peace within myself, which then extended to making peace with him.  forgiveness can look different to different people.  i like the feeling of freedom and holding grudges doesn’t equate to freedom.  sure i was betrayed and i did have every right to cussing both him and her out – but that season had to come to an end.  i mean, did i want to spend the rest of my life being the angry ex-wife?  hell no!  i had better things to do with my time, my children and my life.  as for my ex-husband, i wish him nothing but the best in his future.  i believe that he too has learned (and may still be learning) his lesson which has contributed to his maturity as a man and a father.  i need for him to be responsible and aware of his actions because our children are watching.

lemons are used for healing wounds, infections, illnesses and a hosts of other things.  i just squeezed harder to get the juice.  life is much easier and more relaxed for my children and i.  the goal for me has always been to be a great woman that my children will be proud of and can learn from.  the redemption that i have now is far more sweeter than the revenge that i was first after.  i sleep better, i laugh longer, i eat great, my finances are in order, my body is sexier, my love runs deeper and my endurance is stronger.  thank you for the those lemons.  my lemonade wouldn’t be so sweet if the lemons weren’t so bitter.

champagne-lemonade, anyone?




57 thoughts on “bitter and sweet

      1. There are no words that can describe how well you articulated Tia small yet pivotal nugget of a life-I-sode. This small narrative that was HUGE at that time in your life. I remember your brave call to me to tell. I we on a plan returning from Vegas. I told Ike and I just stared out the window. Many of our friends were announcing their divorce. We had our own shit called life. My prayer for so many of my friends was peace. Didn’t matter if you made a decision to stay, leave or make his/her life like hell. I got vigilant in praying peace. You articulate it all in hear. But what I’m most proud of is how you focused on you! You for yourself and you for the kiddos! God will never fail you. He has always had big plans for you! You will always win because you are his precious unique child! You made some fine cuisine for sure with them lemons girl!!!!

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  1. I’m not sure what to say other than, I’m not delivered so where he at? Lol. Maybe because I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know you and that you’re a beautiful person who has no grounds of being stepped out on. What a dumb ass🤔. But the sad truth is him cheating has absolutely nothing to do with you. It’s his worth that’s in question. Him cheating could have come from a multitude of things…greed, insecurities, etc… But I’m totally down for cashing the wedding with you and throwing lemons instead of rice. 🍋😏. Life gave us lemons so let’s throw them. 💋

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  2. Well written and honest. Thank you for your transparency and discussing how this grew you and how you could be an example to your children through it. Thank you!

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  3. “I’m good with them because I became great within myself. ” Wow. Just wow! I always knew that you were awesome but this just takes it to a whole new level.

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  4. Wow. So much of this is my life but I am still in the midst of it. Thank you so much for sharing. I know this may be a lot to ask but is there a way to contact you privately to ask you some questions about how you got to this place? Thank you.

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  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. Also many thanks for not giving up during the hard times. It’s great to see light at the end of a dark tunnel and knowing that it’s possible to get there gives people strength! This blog is for someone, thanks again for sharing.

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  6. Wow! That was beautiful. I’m sorry that it happened however the processes of pulling through it all is what’s beatiful. We see so many woman who stay bitter and resentful and are unable to
    move past it as you have. You are a strong woman and an even better mother for considering them every step of the way. Thank you sharing such a personal story it’s very powerful and I know it will be helpful for others and it will allow even more blessing to come your way.
    Much love and respect my sista💜

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  7. Thanks for sharing Robin..In the process for forgiveness myself. They say,”what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” You are a testimony to are truly an inspiration that I will also make it through this storm.

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  8. Awesome Read! When I asked my husband why he cheated on me, he replied that he just never learned how to be loyal because he never had to. In all his past relationships he was able to live a double life because woman are taught not to trust their intuition and women don’t want to be labeled the ‘crazy’ girlfriend or wife. I think it is important to teach our daughters the importance of listening to God’s voice, how to listen to their hearts, and trust their inner voice.

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  9. Reading this with my mouth wide open….except for a few differences, I had to check to make sure that I want the author. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your candidness and transparency. No I wish no ill on my ex and his soon-to-be bride, I’m still having a hard time shaking the betrayal and YEARS of lies that came to light after I filed for divorce.

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  10. Reading this with my mouth wide open….except for a few differences, I had to check to make sure that I wasn’t the author. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your candidness and transparency. No I wish no ill on my ex and his soon-to-be bride, I’m still having a hard time shaking the betrayal and YEARS of lies that came to light after I filed for divorce.

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  11. “so here i am a week away from sharing the same last name with the other woman who also now shares a part of my family. she’s about to make the same vows to the exact same man saying the exact same words “let no man tear apart what God has brought together”. see what i just did?”

    GIRL This almost had me in tear well I was in tears! You’re a beautiful person inside & out. Definitely will be blessed for sharing your story! Awesome job love💛 🙌🏽


  12. You did THAT!!! Wow!!! Thank you for the transparency and for the example. While reading, I just kept thinking – All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us…

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  13. O’ Glory be the words that you layed down on paper that told the journey of your life and marriage. These words touched me mentally, spiritually, and whole heartedly they definitely could have been a blue print to another woman healing process. “I’m proud of you my friend” Your strength,love,survival is nonetheless astonishing and heroic but also what so many other women have endured and suffered silently for only God know how long but today our generation of women know that they are strong and not alone so Thank you for sharing…Bravo

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  14. Thanks for sharing! I have been MIA but it’s always always nice to catch up with you. I have a few more to read but this made my heart smile for you and for the women who will gain strength by reading your testimony ❤️

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